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SM-280 Vacuum Sealer Machine

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  Item No: SM-280
  Brand: SM

  SM-280 vacuum sealer is our corporation devise electromechanical integration, Its characteristics as: shape is small, weight is light, operation is simple, vacuum degree is high, and the scope of the usage is wide.
It can be satisfy to: factory, organization, small production, retail store, hotel, family, scientific research etc. The machine contain automatic seal function, automatic vacuum seal function and vacuum-packed. The machine function is dependable, establishing safe system of pause and alarms. It can seal the compound plastics bag to all kind of specification, also seal aluminum foil bag and general plastics bags. That machine uses scope is very wide. Can vacuum and seal as cooked meats product, solids products, the condiment, dried fruit, seed, bean, as the gold or silver jewelry, curio calligraphy, electronic device, the chemistry products, and small hardware etc. product,
Composition(or Specifications):
Power supply:110V/220V/240V 50-60Hz
Limiting vacuum:0.035MPA
Size of unit:350*140*70mm[1].jpg