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  Item No: SM-201
  Brand: SM

  SM-201 Small Mulit-Functional Vacuum Sealer is the newest product form ASM Technology Developed. This machine has a controlled heat-seal timer and automatic over-heat worming indicator. The machine is energy efficient compact and protable, with sealable item is very simple to operate.

This machine has been examined by expert and found to be superior to similar machines around the world quailty and operation. This machine can be use to store a wide variety of goods and foods such as; medicines, electronic components, video and audio products, camera equipments, jewelry, paintings, hardware, dried fruit, tea and spices, meats and vegetables, the list is only limited by your needs.
Composition(or Specifications):
  When products are vacuum packed and atored in the refrigerator. They retain their freshness, naturally and flavor in a much longer time. No more freezer burn, no more washed left-ovens. Vacuum packing does what your refrigerator can't do...keep things fresh longer. Portect your health, eat better fresher foods, and save money at the same time. Necessary kitchen utensil. Once you try it. You will want to share it with your friends, so remember this makes a great gift for the home or someone special.

Vacuum: 0.5 Mpa
Length of heat-seal: 20-280 mm
Power source: AC 110/220 50Hz-60Hz
Heat-seal time: Automatic control
Size of unit: 380*140*75 mm
Weight: 2.4 Kg